Estranged #1 + Tote bag

Estranged #1 + Tote bag


Our Team is already working to make the ISSUE #1 ready. But to make the first documentation about the drag community in Iceland happen, we need your support. You would help us so much by pre-ordering estranged #1 Photo album of Icelandic drag family and our F*ck Gender tote bag.

estranged #1 focuses on the ever-growing drag scene in a country commonly perceived as one of most progressive on the planet. First documentation about the drag community in Iceland, the zine investigates this fascinating microcosm. 

estranged #1 is like having a kiki with Icelandic drag performers. From their life experience at the intersection of various prejudices based on sex, gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity, class, handicap or beliefs, Estranged analyzes how the art of drag is a mean of escape and a form of resistance by itself. Hence, drag is not (only) about ego, but about being equal.
From our photographic documentation, thought-provoking interviews, scientific articles, queer art, and meticulous design, the zine is a source of inspiration for all of us who have ever felt estranged.

96 pages, in English.
Written by Kaspars Bekeris & Matthias « Strell Ytzia » G. W. Boyer
Photographies by Kaspars Bekeris
Designed by Peteris Tenisons

estranged #1 focusing on the Icelandic drag scene in Iceland, we could not have gender as the first target. Gender is divided by other discriminations, but gender divides the social stratification by its own.
The art of drag manipulates the attributes called « feminine » or « masculine » in a given culture, as a way of expression and/or as entertainment. To consider genders as a social and cultural material illustrate that it is possible - and probably better - to stop defining our identities according to genders. So… F*ck Gender.

Made in Latvia, 100% organic cotton.
Designed by Kaspars Bekeris & Matthias « Strell Ytzia » G. W. Boyer & Peteris Tenisons.

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