Written by Kaspars Bekeris & Matthias « Strell Ytzia » G. W. Boyer

Photographies by Kaspars Bekeris

Designed by Peteris Tenisons


With the participation of Páll Óskar, Margrét Erla « Miss Mokki » Maack, Sigurður Heimir « Gógó Starr » Guðjónsson, Thomas « Jackie Moon » Janniarson, Skaði Þórðardóttir, Kristrun « Jenny Purr » Krummadóttir, Neville J. « Deff Starr » Inlgey, Jenný Drífa « Yan Nuss » Kristjánsdóttir, Atli Freyr Demantur, Richard « Wonda Starr » Chapman and more.


Issue nr.1

Photo album
of Icelandic drag family

estranged is an annual zine delving into one vibrant community at a time, offering new perspectives on how we can make society together.

Our first issue began more than a year ago with the photo series: « The Secret Life of a Drag queen » (by photographer Kaspars Bekeris) exhibiting at Gaukurinn, the principal venue of the drag life here in Reykjavik. What emerged in front of the camera is the incredible diversity of life stories in this young yet talented local community.

Gathering conversations with many astonishing drag artists like the internationally-famous musician and Icelandic icon, Páll Óskar, or the current reigning drag queen of Iceland, Gogo Starr, this zine addresses their uncommon life experiences. We all have a body and an identity, but we do not similarly experience them if we are « Woman »/« Man » identified people, intersex, Trans, in transition, Cis, or Non-binary. We all have desires, but we do not similarly experience them if we are Lesbian, Gay, Straight, Pansexual; If our desires are sexual or romantic. We all have a need for human relationships, but we do not similarly experience it when we are racialized, pathologized, or essentialized. And furthermore, we are all earthlings. But we do not similarly experience our life when we are human, or non-human.

This Photo album of Icelandic drag family is our participation meant to be understood as the next step in the historical movements of Gay Liberation and LGBTQI+, at a local and global level.