Kaspars Bekeris
Co-Founding Editor

For more than 15 years, I have been guilty of “polluting the ether” professionally by covering the news as a TV reporter, writer, and photographer for different media. I have always been interested in ideas and life experiences of other people which can highlight both imperfections of the world and the ways to change it. Unfortunately, I was never fully satisfied with the limitations of modern media. I realised that in this disruptive, clickbait driven, infotainment contaminated and sensationalist media landscape there is a persistent need for an alternative – honest, thought-provoking and respectful dialog with the audience. 

The last year and a half has been a period of transformation for me – I had the opportunity to reconnect with an artistic side within and dedicate myself to one of my biggest passions – photography, by making documentary portrait photography project of drag artists in Iceland “F*ck Gender”. After meeting Matthias aka. Strell Ytzia, we decided to reach out to all conscious rebels and make the first issue of estranged magazine - dedicated to one counterculture - Icelandic drag family (hopefully, our own family now). Estranged is our attempt to create a media that offers a place for mindful conversations on art and politics to inspire everyone develops new ideas and takes action. 



Matthias "Strell Ytzia" Boyer
Co–Founding Editor

20 years ago, my parents named me Matthias Boyer Georges William. But you can call me Strell, Strell Ytzia, your bird of Paradise.

I began to be engaged and focused on the common Good where I was born and grew up, in Reunion Island, France. There, I initiated the founding of the local movement of the Young Greens, before spending two years in Paris for my studies in social sciences and philosophy at Sciences Po Paris and La Sorbonne Paris IV. Those experiences in the associative and academic field furthered my awareness and understanding of environmental issues and social justice.

Now, I live in Reykjavik where I met Kaspars and began to be a drag artist - a new chapter of my life. Nevertheless, I remain faithful to my values. Stating through the art of drag, so against the binarism of gender, my non-white non-heterosexual and vegan identity, and creating Estranged are my new contributions to the intersectional movement for justice.



Peteris Tenisons
Art Director

Art Director